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      На связи Клавдия из ГЕРМАНИИ!
    В разделе: НОВОСТИ ФАН КЛУБА
    Размещена: 23 июля 2009
    Вот такое письмо недавно пришло к нам на почту:

    Hello from Germany,

    I write you because I found your emailaddress on your homepage of Vityaz and I hope you can maybe help me.

    I ll travel in december to Moscow for a week and wanted to see 2 games of the team. Could you maybe tell me how much money are the tickets and where I can get them? I can t read the russian language on your homepage. And the games are in Podolsk, right?

    And a last question: In Germany it is possible to watch a practice of the hockeyteam. Is it possible by this team too? And where is the practice?

    I ask that because a friend of mine is playing in your team.

    I hope for a reply.

    Best regards,

    Claudia На связи Клавдия из ГЕРМАНИИ! На связи Клавдия из ГЕРМАНИИ!

    примерный перевод:

    Привет из Германии.

    Пишу Вам потому что нашла Ваш почтовый ящик на домашней странице Витязя и надеюсь что Вы мне поможете.

    Я буду в декабре в Москве на неделю и хотела бы увидеть 2 игры команды. Может быть Вы подскажите мне по чем билеты и где их можно достать? Я не читаю по русский и поэтому не понимаю что написано на домашней странице. Игры проходят в Подольске, не так ли?

    И последний вопрос. В германии можно наблюдать за тренировкой хоккейной команды. Возможно ли это в вашей командой и где проходят тренировки?
    Я спрашиваю потому что мой друг играет в Вашей команде.
    Надеюсь на то что Вы ответите.
    С наилучшими пожеланиями

    Claudia (Клава)

    Ответственный по связям с общественностью Вячеслав Борщ 4 отписал от нас ответ:

    Hi Claudia!

    We are pleased to receive you letter. First of all I'll unswer your questions:

    1. Vityaz plays in a small town Chekhov (not in Podolsk) with is located about 40 km southwards from Moscow.
    2. If you come to Russia on comming December, of course, we will help you to get ticket for current game(s). However you can easily get ticket yourself if you come to the Ice-Palace 1 hour before the game beginning. There is no problem to buy ticket in the Palace before the game. Ticket price will be about 5 Euro.
    3. I belive that you as our German gest will not have problem to visit team in training process on ice.

    In my turm I wonder: Who is your friend playing for Vityaz? Aren Spaylo? As far as I know nobody else from Germany plays for Vityaz. If this is Aren probably you know for sure whether Aren stay with Vityaz for comming season or not? I am not sure that he will stay because last year he started perfectly but later he has some serious injuries and didn't play untill the end of the Championship...

    Could you e-mail us you photo in hockey t-shirt? :)

    Awaiting your replay,

    Slava /Vityaz fan/

    Ответное письмо Клавдии:

    Hallo from Russia and Vityaz hockey club fans!

    Hi Slava,

    thanks for your letter and the information about how to get to the
    games. It would be great if we maybe could go there together. But 1,5
    hours for about 40 kilometers?

    I would like to go to the training because Iе m always making photos of
    Ahren for his mother - she is collecting them. During Ahren played in
    Hamburg and Nuremberg he always wanted to have the photos twice - for
    him AND mom. So funny. Sometimes I have send new photos at once to
    Annemarie to Canada.

    I remember too that Ahren had a fantastic start in Chekhov. In the
    beginning of the season I had many calls with his brother Adam and he
    always told me that Ahren was in the top-10-ranking of the best
    forwards. Adam was really proud of his little brother.

    Last friday Andrew (Ahrenе s dad) told me that he was injured at his
    ancle. About the bend he didnе t say anything.

    I canе t believe that Ahren hide the information with the problems with
    his legs. He played a fantastic season in Nuremberg before he went to
    Chekhov. At the end of the playoffs he had a few problems with his hand
    but that was not very hard. With skating was everything ok.

    Iе m not Ahrenе s worshipper *lol* ... I know him since he came to Hamburg
    and we have met beside the ice often private and as he went to Nuremberg
    I came very often there to visit him. Iе m nearly 7 years older than
    Ahren and I tried to help him with the way of living when his brother
    was not with him. Ahren is a kind of person who is like a maverick. He
    spends more time alone than with the teammates. That had been in the
    past sometimes a problem with the team.
    For me is Ahren just a good friend and I enjoyed to spend time with him.
    Normally he wanted to come back to Hamburg after his season in
    Nuremberg. The contract in Hamburg was signed for 2 years but then came
    the offer from Chekhov and they paid him much more money than Hamburg
    would do. Iе m sure that the money was the only reason why he went there
    because he really loves Hamburg and Ahren has told me in december 2007
    (as he played in Nuremberg) that he comes back to Hamburg. But then the
    table turns round and he went to Russia. I broke up the contact because
    I was really disappointed because I was sure he just lied to me. I only
    had contact with his brother (heе s in my age) and I really ignored
    Ahren. Thatе s why I had no contact to him personal as he was in Russia.
    Two months ago I had a call with his dad and he told me that Ahren had
    signed in Hamburg and that he didnе t lie to me. That was a very bad
    situation for me.
    I always thought about "my little brother" (like he is for me) but there
    were no informations to get from Russia and Adam had so much to do in
    his company that he had not much time to call and write mails. Thatе s
    why I always just had calls with his dad.

    Thanks for the photos - was nice to see. Iе ll put a few at this letter
    too. Some of the Nittelе s and 2 of me. The one with the man is 2 years
    old and the man is Francois Fortier - an actual player from the
    hockeyteam in Hamburg. The other of me is from yesterday.

    How do the players live in Russia? Here in Hamburg the guys with family
    get a good house and the "single-guys" get a good appartment - mostly
    downtown in Hamburg. I lived a few years round the corner of some
    younger players and they came very often for a visit. I always had good
    contact with the players from Hamburg. So if you maybe collect
    autographcards I could send you some from the actual players from

    Now I wanna finish this letter.

    Take care, Claudia


    На связи Клавдия из ГЕРМАНИИ!

    На связи Клавдия из ГЕРМАНИИ!

    На связи Клавдия из ГЕРМАНИИ!

    На связи Клавдия из ГЕРМАНИИ!

    На связи Клавдия из ГЕРМАНИИ!

    Клавдия и Арен
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